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Fayetteville Montessori School


Programs at Fayetteville Montessori School are defined by the practical application of sensory-based and self-directed learning through the authentic Montessori Method. From the beginning, our experienced teachers prepare children to be focused, independent, and innovative learners, as well as responsible, respectful, and mindful individuals.


6 weeks - 18 months

While your little ones will be in a safe, age-appropriate setting, they’ll also be able to satisfy their curiosity and learn about the world around them. Our unique approach to Montessori style learning for young preschoolers is designed to foster independent learning and satisfy the natural energy and curiosity of this age group.

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18 months – 2 ½ years

Early years are the time when children use their bodies, senses, and emerging problem-solving skills to learn about and make sense of their world, in ways most meaningful and effective for them.

This is the time for children to explore and discover through active play, since children learn best by doing.

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 2 1/2 – 5 years

Montessori’s Primary educational program gives your child the keys to success throughout their education and lifetime. We strive to provide your child with the hands-on learning and support they need to have the very best opportunity to thrive. Our qualified staff provides a curriculum that’s individualized to meet your child’s needs while also focusing on providing opportunities for your child to develop his or her natural interests and abilities.

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5-12 years

The Montessori Elementary school program develops unique, sensitive individuals. Children ages 5 to 12 use the skills they’ve learned during the Primary years to begin exploring the world around them in a meaningful way. Students begin to develop a love for learning along with proficiency in the areas of reasoning, socialization and imagination.

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